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Welcome to our agency to meet young and older Ukrainian females for meaningful relationships, communication, online dating and more. [/TITLE] If you are reallly interested in finding a bride and wife in Ukraine you shall get to know this country better. You shall know more about Ukrainian culture, traditions and most popular Ukrainian holidays. More over you shall get to know Ukrainian women closer. Ukraine women are bery gentle and inventive persons who can make their husbands happy.

Most important Ukrainian holidays celebrated by all Ukrainians.


Find the most important Ukrainian holidays celebrated in January in chronological order and respective gift ideas and hints. New Year - January 1 New Year's Day is one the most favorite holidays in Ukraine. On the Eve of this holiday or just on this very day everybody gives presents to each other, has fun, makes fireworks, decorates pine and fir trees, cooks delicious things and lays the holiday table. The unchangeable participants of this holiday are Father Frost and his grand-daughter "Snihurochka" (The Snow Girl). The holiday lasts till next morning. Everyone who believes in good says an intimate wish and thanks God for everything good that has happened in a passing year. And the tradition of telling fortunes in the night is very popular among young Ukrainian ladies and fel lows who are willing to know at least a little bit about their nearest future.

Many businesses close from December 31 to January 8 (until after Orthodox Christmas). The best gifts for the New Year are: Champagne - the traditional party drink and Gift Sets - which are usually placed under the Pine Tree (Ukrainian version of Christmas tee) The Gift Certificates from various stores in Kyiv and around Ukraine would be a great gift that gives y´┐Żur friend or relative a freedom to choose whatever they like from the best vendors.

Orthodox Christmas - January 7: This period from the 7th till 19th of January is the Saint Christmas week when people have fun, wear fancy dresses and walk from one home to another singing Christmas songs and all masters should give them sweets. At the night of January 7 (according to the Orthodox calendar) Charismas is marked. On Christmas holidays people try to be better, purer, it is the time when Christian values takes peculiar meaning, it is time for good deeds.

Christmas presents are not as common in Ukraine as they are in Western culture; however some souvenir candles would be a great choice for someone here. As it's the last day of the fast at Christmas night the better choice for present would be fruit baskets. Old New Year January 14: holiday in memory of Old Calendar New Year celebrated as a family holiday. Children like to go from house to house singing carols. They should be given some sweets, biscuits and a little sum of money.

Ukrainian Unity Day - January 22. It is an important historical event celebrated in modern Ukraine as a day of Unity of all Ukrainians. On this day in 1919 the Treaty of Unity between Ukrainian People's Republic and Western Ukrainian People's Republic were signed. The Day of Unity is celebrated since 1919, when the Act of unity of all Ukrainian lands was signed in Kyiv, on: Sophia square. But the state started to celebrate it only 85 years ago according to the Decree of Leonid Kuchma ( the second Ukrainian president) signed in January 1999.

The Student Day (Tetiana's Day) - January 25, in Ukraine it is a merriest holiday of students. On very this day, January 25 in 1775, Emperor Elizabeth signed the decree ordering to establish Moscow University. It is a very happy holiday for Ukrainian youth: most students leave school earlier and get together for the wild midweek party. Any drink or food basket would be a great choice for this holiday.

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(Gregorian) December 31; (Julian) January Malanka is a Ukrainian folk holiday celebrated on Janu ary 13 which is New Year's Eve in accordance with the Julian calendar. Malanka commemorates the feast day of St Melania. On this night in Ukraine the singers of carols tradition ally went from house to house playing pranks or acting out a small play with a bachelor dressed in women's clothing leading the troop. Malanka caps off the festivities of tit Christmas holidays and is often the last opportunity for partying before the solemn period of Lent which precedes Easter.

Ukrainian New Year's Eve across North America, Americans and Canadians of Ukrainian origin celebrate Malanka or Malanckyn Vechir the New Year's Eve celebrations, on January 13 according to the Julian calendar. It is one week after Christmas Eve, January 6 according the same calendar and it is an occasion which is with the exception of the religious note of Christmas resembles it in several ways. While Christmas is an entirely religious occasion, Ukrainian New Year's Eve has maintained more of pre Christian secular, pagan beliefs in particular those pertaining to the supernatural and animalistic.

New Year's Eve perhaps derives its name the Malanka from an old folk tale. So, if you wish to visit Ukraine to find a nice Ukrainian girl, it would be nice to come at exactly these days. There you can find a lot of beautiful girls in the streets of villages and towns of Ukraine. And Ukrainians celebrate the May 1 and the Victory day May 9. But this day is celebrated on the East part of Ukraine preferably. In those regions you'll find a lot of people in the streets dressed in their best clothes. But the girls and women dressed specially.

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