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I met an Ukrainian woman at this marriage agency of Odessa just a year ago. First wanted only to have a pen pal to talk with and may be with on travelling. But God has sent me the perfect lady who hase become mey life partner now. I visited her in Ukraine several times and we attended to one wedlock of her girlfriend , I was surprised with great marriage traditions in Ukraine. But its not the greatest surprise I found in Ukraine. All women living here are very family minded and feminine, they have special charm.

Marriage in Ukraine.

Ukraine is a country of great history and considerable culture. Long before Ukraine got its independence Ukraine was a Russian earth. That is the reason that Ukrainian and Russian people have the same traditions. There is a pretty manifold of atypical, stirring and engaging customs which were grown throughout last years. I guess you'd like to know something gripping that there is a tremendous institution of a Ukrainian wedlock. So this article may be interesting for foreign singles who want to know more about marriage in Ukraine and traditional Ukrainian families. I've got an opinion that a lot of well educated and refined women in developed states, preferably in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the USA grew very modern and those women think that the wedding hasn't got rather big significant gist these days. The hypothesis of the matrimony had been devalued and many females do not want to be simple housewives.

But in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus lots of women of high social position want to achieve an ideal marriage. For wives in Ukraine and Russia the matrimony is the highest and the most important occurrence in life. Ukrainian ladies are still supposed to keep love in marriage. After the communist regime broke down the Ukrainians became religious regarding marriage.

The strategy is evolved from the fiftieth in conjunction with unquestionable new conventions and acts. In this day and age preferably ladies and gentlemen there plump for not to continue the cold war times' traditions. There is an interesting fact that they have a goal to reoccur the venerated national and God-fearing habits. Ergo if you took a decision to get an Ukrainian wife it is incontrovertibly you will have to put your sign up to prove your intention to have your marriage. Certainly you've got your private reflection on what traditions to countenance and what class of keeping to consume. You can intermix and hold on unlike pious questions together with Ukrainian marriage rituals. In this day and age the nuptial rituals are retained while the endorsed formality in the State Registry Office. Kissing each other and tasting a glass of something gladden by the party are the infinite conventions.

All these traditions are the image of jovial married biography and they are supposed to be the signs of matrimony success in the future . But the interesting thing concerning to the marriage celebration is the practice to order an expensive restaurant and to lay a big table loaded with a lot to eat and a lot to drink. Once in a while the parties are loud, impetuous and that is worth to see. The bride and the groom�s parents must to taste good homemade brandy and to gain jollification for the soul. Anyway these two attractive matrimonial traditions.

One tradition is the bride's abduction and the second joke is the stealing of the fiancee's shoe. The fianc�e's theft is the unwritten rule which developed in eastern republics of previous Soviet Union. the young lady has a wish to do some necessity or to shake her young bones, about two guests you won't see this funny trick because they act secretly, they purloin her for a little time.

Of course certainly it's a stunt. Another tradition is gentler. One of the parents' fellow grope one's way quietly underneath the festive table to the future wife�s feet and take one of her wedding footwear. The robber needs to be undiscovered for everybody. Ensuing events the thief pops up with the bride's shoe; this show is unforgettable and with the traditional delight of the guests, he or she offers to buy it for some money. As might be expected the problem is decided easily by some cash.

The abductors and the best man tease each other and laugh and all the kinsman and kinswoman are pleased and happy. But there is one more little tradition to show a funny dance. Presently you got knowledge about funny the most developed Ukrainian marriage unwritten laws. At the present time the men and women there take keeping traditions very seriously and if you want to have Ukrainian wife you should show respect to her relatives by attending their temple.

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