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By the rescript of russian empress Catherine II on May 27, 1794 at the site Hadzhibeya was founded a new port city. And on 2 September the same year here were laid the first port facilities. That date - September 2, 1794, is a birthday of the city Odessa.

A short history of Odessa Ukraine

A known statesman Duc de Richelieu, Novorossiysk Governor (1803 - 1814), as well as the mayor of Odessa, he made the sity his residence. This gave an impuls to the rapid development of the city. In the period from 1795 to 1814 the population of Odesa has increased 15 times and reached almost 20 thousand people. 1850 Odessa - is a large industrial center with 100 thousands population. Since the birth of Odessa - this southern window to Europe "city became a major supplier of Ukrainian grain to countries in Europe and Asia Front.

In the 19th century Odessa was the fourth city of Imperial Russia, after Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Warsaw. Its historical architecture has a flavor more Mediterranean than Russian, having been heavily influenced by French and Italian styles. People of Odessa are proud of its unique architectural and cultural heritage. The city has a university (founded in 1865), Opera and Ballet Theatre (1809), Historical Museum (1825), City Library (1830), Astronomical Observatory (1871), an art gallery (1898), other educational institutions, museums and theatres . In addition to the University, Odessa has other educational institutions of higher qualifications, including Medical University, the Marine Academy and konservatoriey. Such celebrities as a poet Aleksandr Pushkin, biochemist Ilya Mechnikov and singer Leonid Utesov, lived in Odessa at different times. Several generations of brilliant humor artists, were born in Odessa in the past century, have earned the reputation of the capital city of a special Russian-speaking humor. Old town houses built in different architectural styles from the Renaissance to Art Nouveau.

What is unique in Odessa : Opera Theatre, the ensemble of Primorsky Boulevard or Deribasovskaya street? The man who walk on the old streets and alleys of Odessa, once and for ever falls in love with the city. Feeling so, he often did not understand his comfortable condition. What is the phenomenon of Odessa?
Of course - this is the first place - the people, Odessa, which are known worldwide and lived around the world while remaining Odessa. Of course its most beautiful women of Odessa , of course - this is the Black Sea port. Of course - this architectural masterpieces - unique residential and public buildings, boulevards, theaters, monuments. We are inherited by the talent of people who created Odessa.

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