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Come to Ukraine to meet passionate Ukrainian women for romance, friendship and marriage. Find out more about Ukrainian marriage and wedding traditions. What presents shall be given to an Ukrainian bride on the wedding eve. If you join this Ukrainian dating and marriage agency you will meet thousands of appealing and marriage oriented women from Ukraine wanting to date western men for friendship, dating and happy marriage.

Ukrainian marriage and other traditions in the modern world. Gifts, presents and souvenirs.

Find out more about Ukrainian wedding and marriage traditions and other Ukrainian customs in the modern world. Wich gifts, presents and souvenirs are suitable for Ukrainian women and Ukrainians. If you meet an Ukrainian woman or just new friends who will invite you to visit them in Ukraine, you shall be aware of how to behave in this situation.

When you asked to come somewhere as a guest, do you think to buy something as a gift? People say that a guest should bring a gift during a visit to somebody in Ukraine. Would it a good gesture if I buy some presents for the woman's family? What sort of presents would you recommend? Should I buy a gold ring if I take a decision to say her proposal? When you visit people in Ukraine, it would be a good manner to give presents; but they shouldn't be very expensive.

When you come to somebody the presents which toy have brought have a particular name - hostinets. This strange name came from the Russian word gost'. It means - a visitor who came to your home. The gift which has been brought by a polite visitor usually is a good sign for beginning close relationships. But if a visitor is a foreigner, his presents play a special role. Because the things brought from abroad they can't buy in their country. When you visit people in Ukraine it will be a very good manner to give something to everybody in the house+ A guest with empty hands is like a person who has nothing, who is poor, the people usually consider him as a person with not very polite manners. It will be nice to bring small presents for everybody in the family.

The easiest way to be respected by the kids is to buy them their favourite toys. For moms and dads it would be recommended perfumes, but not very cheap. Cheap perfumes smell too shrill. But it all depends on the social standard of the family. What in one family is acceptable, in another family will not be acceptable. I mean in one family it will be good enough to come with a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates but in another family it's better to come with a bunch of expensive flowers and a gold ring for your sweetheart.

But I think in the most families they pay their first attention at the appearance and manners of the possible future bridegroom. Each of us loves presents but the presents which had been brought from a far country are dearer. I remember in my childhood my mother used to work in the Port Clinic. So, the marine officers gave her different foreign pens and chewing gums+ Those chewing gums I have never tasted subsequently and those pens of different colors I remember right now. Once the children at school saw my pen, they asked me to give it to write on the lessons, they write it by turn. At the end it was stolen some time later. You needn't bring any presents for your sweetheart's friends and colleagues. Your presents are supposed to be given just for special people.

If you decide to ask her to marry you, in that case you would better to prepare something special+ if you give your future wife the keys of a new car so, your present will be appreciated. Such kind of gift says that you are already real spouses. And you are ready to endure all the difficulties on your way. You love each other and your love is genuine.

So, the first are flowers. The second gift is the sweets and wine. The third, the dearest present - a gold ring+ A ring is a symbol of infinity. When you give her roses, when you see her beautiful eyes the first time it is not compulsory custom so, please don't make a big attention to that, give her red roses and say the most important words.

It mustn't look like you try to send her a message. But never give yellow flowers to Ukrainian women! Yellow flowers mean saying good bye. There is a simple plan how to win her heart from the first hour. For example: you arrive to a hotel. Put a bottle of champagne on the hotel's magazine table and wait your sweetheart with a enormous box of chocolates. You wish to announce "For our date", and it's very usual symbolic. The nicest present for your Ukrainian sweetheart is something made of gold, may be with a little diamond. The present mustn't be very expensive. A little golden ring, about $100 will do! Gold in Ukraine is a part of luxury but diamonds are rather expensive. Any woman will be happy to get such a gift.

Now, there is something about rings. According to a Ukrainian wedding tradition you don't give your sweetheart a ring when you make a proposal about marriage. As a rule a young couple gives rings to each other exactly at the wedding ceremony, They are engagement rings; these rings proof the feelings of the man and woman. If you have a decision to make a proposal, it is not necessary to give the ring to your future wife. It will be enough to show her the ring. I think the size of the ring is not big problem. You can purchase an approximate size of your woman's finger. Anyway a shop assistant at a jewellery shop can help you to find the right model and right size.

It is not a very right idea to ask your Ukrainian woman about the size of her fingers in advance. All the presents are supposed to be some kind of surprises. When you give something to your friend what he or she doesn't expect, but would like to get, it is always a pleasant surprise. Should you bring some souvenirs from your country?

Of course it would be nice of you. It would show your love to the places where you live. But souvenirs are not the same things as presents. If you don't want to bring any souvenirs with you, nobody will think badly about you. If you don't bring presents at all, they can think that you are greedy. But there are two pleasant things in the world: the first one is getting presents and the second is giving the presents. And than more expensive the present, than more pleasant the gift. So, try always to have spare presents to make a pleasant surprise to somebody!

What can bring you a marriage with a Ukrainian woman? You can read hundreds disputes on this subject and many opinion of sceptics saying that such kind of international relationship may fail very soon or will be unhappy for one or both of participants. But the statistics say the marriages between Ukrainian women and foreign men are more firm, long lasting and even happy than many marriages where wife and husband come from the same country.

Ukrainian wives love and respect their husbands not just with words but they are ready to do much more for them than their western sisters. Ukrainian woman will not start a quarrel with you if you ask her to cook dinner for you or make you coffee in the morning because you are late to your work. But before you become close with one of Ukrainian women we want to inform you about traditional marriage in Ukraine and many interesting details connected with this event. A man in the Ukrainian marriage is still the most important person and the head of family, but he shall also share some duties with his wife and assume responsibility for friendly atmosphere in the relationship.

If you want to marry a woman from Ukraine we want to say you that it is a very right choice for a man appreciating wonderful and natural beauty and special tenderness and care. Ukrainian ladies are loving and loyal wives who want to keep a traditional marriage and who try to keep all good traditions in their life and in family. You can find hundreds of such ladies at Ukrainian women marriage agency and we are sure that you will meet your love there.