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Women from Russia - Family traditions of russian women. Russian women are very known as family minded and devoted wives and loving mothers. Till now most of russian women keep these traditions. Here we would like to tell about a usual russian woman and her attitude to family, husband and marriage. If we are talking about russian women we mean women not only from Russia but also from Ukraine , Belarus and all other countries of the former Russian Empire .

Women from Russia

Women from Russia and their attitude to dating , marriage and family.
Here we would like to talk about old and "new" family traditions of russian women. This info is useful for people looking for brides from Russia and for those who wants to marry a russian woman.
In Russian families, despite of presence of different generations of relatives, marriages inside of a family were never concluded; there were no marriages even between second cousins and sisters. May be its one of the secrets of beauty of russian women.
Besides marriage with close relatives and marriages with people of non Christian religion were also forbidden. The russian society condemned mismatches (people from different social layers). Till now most of russian women are dreaming of a love marriage with a man who would love her. Only to such a man she would give all her tenderness, love and care. It does not mean that women from Russia prefer poor men who can not achieve anithing in this life. Love and relationships simply play the main role for her as a wife and mother.

Country home life in Russia was under construction basically on observance of old customs and traditions.
The womens rights in family played not so significant role. Duties and responsibilities of russian women were widely presented in a russian family. The rights of the woman fixed by the law to the property acquired together with the husband, the right to divorce and so on you can find in old russian documents. But actually we can not talk about any "equality" of men and women - the man always remained "head of the family".
Some of people consider it not fair (especially some modern women). Marriage for a russian woman was also a moral duty. But if you study the russian culture you will see that it was her most fervent and strong wish.
Marriage for russians was not only the mortgage of well-being, independence and weights in a society (community), it was also prestigious. Such sights at family were supported also by church. The attitudes in family were in sight of all rural society and depended on public opinion.

At such strict differentiation of duties there was always a significant role of the woman as basic manager of house affairs. The russian wife was the organizer of family way, cosiness, leisure and the tutor for her own children. Russain woman had a special position in a family. It subordinated to herself all female structure of family, using the position of the most person approached to its chapter, and often happened to be the first adviser to her husband.
We have studied Russian women's beliefs about role of wife in family. Such beliefs are influenced by patriarchal ideas of a good family. Russian women believe in marriage because it speaks of their femininity and their role in society. There is no excuse for Russian woman who has left their husband and children and who destroyed the marriage for any reason. Most people tend to hold a woman responsible for marriage and so do Russians. But a woman shall nut suffer from her violent husband who does not respect and love her. So Russian women want to meet a man with a more responsible behavior, who understands and recognizes her responsibilities and rights. That is the reason why there are so many Russian women online trying to find a foreign husband. Many people dream also now of a happy family with good traditions, but some of them are not ready to understand that they are also responsible for some matters and not only their partner.

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